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Review: Oskia Super-C Beauty Capsules

Vitamin C is an ingredient that hasn't been a staple in my routine yet. I am aware of the great benefits it's supposed to have but there are two reasons which stopped me from using Vitamin C for a while: the truest form of Vitamin C, L-Ascorbic Acid, oxidizes so incredibly quickly and some Vitamin C products can irritate the skin. Whenever I wanted to incorporate a new Vitamin C serum into my routine, I was a bit overwhelmed by the many choices on the market.

A product that stood out to me though, were the Oskia Super-C Smart Nutrient Beauty Capsules and I tell you why.

What it's about

The Super-C Capsules are packed with a blend of smart nutrients and actives to boost skin's health, radiance, hydration and protect it from external aggressors. They come in little biodegradable, heart-shaped capsules which perfectly preserve the product and its efficacy, but makes it travel-friendly at the same time.

The main reason why I was so interested in this product is the fact that it's an oil-serum. Certain Vitamin C serums can feel slightly oily on the skin, but the Oskia capsules actually contain beautiful oils.

The Key Ingredients

2% Encapsulated Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate - is a stable form of oil-soluble Vitamin C which deeply and quickly penetrates to a cellular level for bright, glowing, firmer and more even-looking skin. According to the brand 2% of that encapsulated Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate is proven to be more effective than 20% traditional Ascorbic Acid.

Tocotrienols (Smart Vitamin E) - are a more powerful antioxidant form of Vitamin E which protect against free radicals and are also anti-inflammatory.

Tomato Lycopene - protect the skin against free radicals, environmental stressors and oxidative damage while also soothing and calming.

Squalane - restores skin's lipid barrier, balances natural oils in the skin and improves hydration and smoothness.

Jojoba Seed & Sweet Almond Oils - rich in Omega fatty acids and Phytosterols to nourish the skin deeply.

The Ritual

You twist off the capsule neck and apply some drops of the serum-oil on your face. I find that the product of a whole capsule is too much for my face, so I use half of it in the morning and the other half in the evening or next morning. This way it lasts much longer. I asked the brand about this as well and they confirmed that it's fine. Of course it's always the freshest and most potent when you open the capsule but in the end it's open for max. 24 hours.

I typically use the Super-C capsules after my serums (hydration/niacinamide) and apply some face mist before, so the product sinks in better. I let it sink in for at least a minute and then follow with my moisturizer and SPF. You don't necessarily need a moisturizer afterwards, since it's so nourishing. After I applied the serum-oil, my skin is glowing so beautifully. It's not greasy, but looks just healthy and hydrated.

Vitamin C is well known for its ability to fade dark spots and hyper-pigmentation that are caused by breakouts or sun damage and this one did a really good job at that too. I noticed that the dark spots that my maskne left behind, faded much quicker than they normally would do without any Vitamin C product (I use exfoliating products regularly and these help to fade marks as well, but in combination with a Vitamin C product, it was gone much quicker). But this was only the case when I used the capsules every single day for a while.

Is it worth it?

Vitamin C products tend to be on the pricier side and the Oskia Super-C Beauty Capsules are no exception at 74,50€ for 60 capsules. I bought mine when they were on offer and if you're curious to try them, I'd suggest you wait for a good deal online.

The Super-C capsules are for you if you're looking for something that gives you an immediate radiance and glow. They're also great if you have sensitive skin and want to use a mild yet effective Vitamin C product. I am not sure how effective they are if you only use them every now and then. I would definitely suggest to use them at least a few times per week.

One thing I haven't really noticed though, is an overall brightening effect.

Will it be a holy grail product of mine? I am always honest with you and my answer to that is:

I don't think so, but I enjoy the serum-oil texture and love the travel-friendly capsules which give me a fresh dose every use.


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