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Review: Tata Harper Skincare Hydrating Floral Mask

Tata Harper's latest launch of the hydrating floral mask was definitely something that I was very much looking forward to and I can only remember a few launches where I was as excited as I was about this one. The main reasons for this - it's a face mask and it's a very hydrating product. If you have been thinking about trying this product, I hope the following review will give you a good overview of the product and how it works on the skin.

What it's about

The hydrating floral mask is supposed to be your ultimate boost of hydration. It's specially formulated to deeply hydrate parched, dehydrated skin and soothe any redness you might have.

It contains 1.000 different sizes of hyaluronic acid with different molecular weight that penetrates multiple layers of your skin.

The new hydrating star: The Tremella Mushroom

Tremella Fuciformis originates from Asia and has been used there in medicine and skincare for thousands of years. This mushroom is so special because it can hold up to 1.000 times its own weight in water, similar to our favorite hydrating ingredient hyaluronic acid.

But the Tremella mushroom has even more benefits: by penetrating through different layers of the skin it is able to strengthen the natural skin barrier as well as enhancing elasticity. It also contains high amounts of vitamin B2 and D which is skin healing and helps cell growth.

All of that sounds magical, doesn't it? I can definitely see this ingredient becoming more and more popular in the beauty world, and I am all here for it.

The Ritual

Tata Harper suggests three different ways of using this mask:

  • You apply a thick layer on your skin and leave it on for 20 minutes. Afterwards, you rinse the mask off. This can be done 1 to 3 times a week.

  • You apply a thin layer as the last step of your routine and leave it on as an overnight treatment.

  • You apply a thick layer and leave it on for 20 minutes. After that, you mist your face with a toner, massage it in and gently wipe away excess product with a tissue.

I have used the mask several times now and I tried all the suggested methods above. The method I like the least has to be the first one. The mask definitely hydrated my face but I feel like when I wash my face the mask hasn't had enough time to do its magic. It might work for someone who just needs a bit of a hydration boost but when I apply a hydrating mask I want to leave it on for as long as possible.

I want to point out the special texture that this product has. Initially, it has a very gel-like texture that feels very lightweight on the skin. After a while, it transforms into a very oily texture and you can see that your whole face turns into a grease ball which I don't mind at all. It feels very plumping, hydrating and soothing. The next morning my skin feels well rested and hydrated. I don't really suffer from redness, so I cannot tell you how good its anti-inflammatory ability is.

Is it worth it?

If you have tried Tata Harper's Moisturizing Mask before, you might wonder how it compares to that. The MM definitely has more of a heavier and oily feel to it. I think it's best suited for dry, mature skin that needs a lot of moisture. The HFM is more suited towards dehydrated, dry, normal and combination skin. In my opinion you don't need both in your collection.

The HFM has quite a strong floral scent to it, like a lot of the other products in Tata's range. If you have sensitive skin I would try a sample first, because it could be that the essential oils and aroma can cause irritation. It's not as strong as the scent of the Hydrating Floral Essence because I remember when I tried that one it was way too overpowering for me.

I was asked on Instagram how the HFM compares to Josh Rosebrook's Advanced Hydration Mask which is one of my favorite hydrating and moisturizing masks. They feel a bit different on the skin, but they basically provide similar results. Both of them contain different kinds of oil and butter, as well as hydrating ingredients. Both products leave my skin feeling soft, hydrated and soothed. I really love both of them and don't prefer one over the other.

The Hydrating Floral Mask is definitely a luxury item priced at €95 for 30ml. I find that a little goes a long way and if it's within your budget or you have been looking for a hydrating mask then I can recommend splurging on this beauty.


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