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The Big Concealer Comparison

I am always on the hunt for the perfect concealer. I try to find the perfect texture which provides enough hydration for my dry under eyes, covers my dark circles, but doesn't crease. It's super important to me that the concealer isn't too matte, drying or on the contrary, too slippery. I always use a powder afterwards, but also there I am trying to find the perfect match that goes perfectly with my concealer.

All of the concealers I will show your are organic or natural except for one.

Mádara The Concealer

Shade Latte 25 and Honey 35

I was so happy when I discovered this concealer last year because it became one of my favorite concealers in a very short time. I even included it in my 2020 makeup favorites which you can read here. It's pleasantly hydrating, creamy, feels lightweight and has medium coverage. The concealer blends into the skin flawlessly and is really undetectable. I use it under my eyes, as well as for spot/redness concealing on my face. I first bought the shade Latte which is a tiny bit too light for me. Honey is a perfect match for me and I am able to wear it basically all year round. The shade selection is quite small and I would be happy if they added more shades.

RMS Beauty Un-Cover Up Concealer

Shade Un-Cover Up 11

I've had this concealer the longest and I should really finish it now. It's a very creamy concealer that melts when it comes in touch with your fingers. This makes it perfect to blend it into the skin. The coverage of this concealer is light to medium, but I found this to be too oily and slippery for my under eyes, plus the coverage isn't enough for my dark circles. Plus it creases like no other.

I used this all over my face instead and for that, I really enjoyed using it.

This concealer, like the rest of the RMS range, is based on coconut oil. But not your regular coconut oil, it's more refined and it never made me break out. Some people break out from coconut oil in skincare/makeup, so keep this in mind.

RMS extended their shade range over time and I think it's quite good now.

Kosas The Revealer Concealer

Shade 3.5

This is my latest addition to my concealer collection and I was excited to finally try it, to see what the hype was about. It's a very creamy, hydrating concealer with a medium coverage. I would say it's slightly more liquidy than the Mádara concealer but has similar coverage. I do find that it creases a tiny bit, but I am still playing around to find a way to prevent that. I use this concealer under my eyes, as well as for spot/redness concealing on my face.

The shade match is not perfect for me,

I could've gone probably with number 3.0 because 3.5 is slightly too yellow for me.

I can make it work when I mix it with a lighter/neutral concealer.

The shade range for the Revealer Concealer is incredible, I was super impressed by it.

In fact, it's so huge that I personally felt a bit overwhelmed to choose a color.

NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer

Shade 2.5 Crème Brûlée

I wasn't sure whether to include this concealer or not because it's not cruelty free and I usually only feature cruelty free brands and products on my blog and Instagram. However, I thought this concealer might be good as a reference/comparison in general and I have to admit that it's really really good and I am trying to find a cruelty free alternative that comes close to this.

This concealer is a creamy, powdery and matte concealer with a high coverage.

I always need a high coverage concealer in my arsenal and this is the one I bought back then. It's perfect for covering any blemishes, marks and works under your eyes as well.

I typically use it as a touch up after I used one of the other concealers in the area where I have the most shadow under my eyes, to brighten it even more (the skin under my eyes is so thin, it really needs high coverage).

The shade range is similar to the one of RMS and I think a lot of people would find their match.

As I mentioned earlier though, I am always trying to find cruelty free alternatives which brings me to the final concealer in this big comparison.

Hynt Beauty Duet Perfecting Concealer

Shade Medium

This concealer is the creamiest of all the concealers I showed you, yet it has impressive high coverage. It blends into the skin very well and can be used under the eyes and all over the face. I like this formula a lot but stupid me got a shade that is slightly too yellow for me.. I like the concealer a lot though and I think I will get it in the shade Light, so I can actually get more use out of it. Even though it is so creamy, it doesn't crease much. I don't find it drying and I will play with this one (and the correct shade) a bit more.

I hope this comparison helped you a bit, since I know it's hard finding the right shade and the perfect concealer. Even though the swatches look quite different next to each other, most of them are a good fit if you have a similar skin tone to mine (except for the Kosas and Hynt Beauty, there I would go a bit lighter/neutral as I mentioned above).


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